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Your team’s ability to learn, adapt to changing times and work dynamically together is key to the success of your business. We believe that getting out of the office provides an opportunity for innovative breakthrough thinking, for building self-awareness, and to help you strengthen your team. We all know how a new location and a special experience can be effective tools for accelerating learning and behavioral change – in lasting ways.


Sociometry; the measuring and mapping of relationships within a group, is the key to our approach in team building. By studying individuals and their hidden relationships with each other we are able to create custom exercises for your group that will reduce conflict and improve communication. By combining these exercises with challenges and adventures in the mountains, we bring certain interpersonal relationships to the surface in a more primal way; sometimes it is truly a question of “survival”. Groups are able to analyze their own dynamics objectively, resulting in honesty, trust, leadership and better teamwork. 


Past activities:

  • “Fête des Bergers” (Swiss farmers festival) a celebration and competition of Swiss traditions; Alp Horn playing, “Steintossen (boulder tossing), flag throwing, “Nageling”, Raclette scraping, blind tastings of local wine and eaux de vie, with a surprise final round
  • "Orienteering": Groups divide into teams, and follow clues to find hidden stashes – a scavenger hunt for adults. Using map-reading skills, compass/ GPS, and outdoor knowledge, the teams will work together to complete the challenge both mentally and physically.
  • Winter Survival Exercise: Teams work with limited resources to build a shelter with materials from the forest, locate food and water and send a message for help. Then teams vote together on who would survive.
  • Avalanche Awareness Course with Mock Accident – Rescue Mission: Led by a UIAGM mountain guide and expert in back-country safety.
  • Luge Atelier and Race: Build a sled with supplied materials and race down the mountain (safe and gradual slope) “unique alternative solutions to complex problems”. At different stops along the way, teammates meet their rider to compete in challenges.




    Accommodation options:


    Epic Europe is a luxury experiential adventure travel operator based in the Swiss Alps.

    Epic Europe specializes in private bespoke itineraries for small groups. Experiencing the best of each region, from interacting with the local people and enjoying authentic regional food and wine, as well as time-honored traditions and festivals, to recreating in the alpine landscape, and truly understanding why the Alps are the birthplace of adventure travel. From custom ski, hiking, or cycling trips to building in city tours, cultural itineraries, or gastronomic discovery, these award-winning, multi-dimensional trips are tailored to our clients' wishes every time, and are not packaged tours. From Switzerland, Italy, and France's Alps, to world-class cultural cities and larger towns, Epic Europe can design a tailored adventure that fulfills your every need. 

    • "A day of heliskiing in Italy culminated with a sunset run off the Breuil saddle of the Matterhorn - one of the most thrilling runs of my life - and we left our tracks in a place where they remained for a week afterward, reminding us of the best day of skiing in our life!" - WG, CT USA
    • “The team at Epic Europe created the most incredible trip for us, where everything came together seamlessly, and we never had to think about what came next - it just magically happened as if it was meant to be. That takes real talent, and they make it look easy." - B.N., WY USA
    • "Hiking in the Alps has always been on my bucket list, but I wasn't sure that a typical trip was my style. Epic Europe designed a custom route for our group, staying in the best little inns and hotels, and we felt like we had the trails to ourselves. I will come back again and again to explore new trails with their guides every year that I can!" - R.B., NY USA
    • "I have done trips in the Alps and surrounding regions with Epic Europe for the past 4 years, and every one has been unique and surpassed the last. The experiences that they deliver due to their personal relationships are a window into the real life in these incredible locations, and they share these friendships with us." - K.B., CT USA
    • "Epic Europe's custom road biking trip that they put together for my buddy's bachelor party was great - the right combination of killer rides, great hotels, and outstanding restaurants. Great guides, and overall a perfect trip." - A.S., London UK
    • "I would have to say that Verbier and Zermatt might be the best places I have ever ridden a mountain bike, and I couldn't imagine going without the help of Epic Europe's guides. It was a dream trip for sure." - B.S., PA USA
    • "Epic Europe has coordinated several corporate events for us over the past 5 years, and I cannot imagine a more professional operation to handle all of the details. From a team-building event for 50 people in a 17th-century castle atop a mountain pass, to marketing conferences and catalog shoots, their knowledge of the best locations in the Alps is second-to-none, and they are as good as it gets at being creative." - E.P., Lugano CH
    • "Our family spent last Christmas in Zermatt on a bespoke Epic Europe ski trip. The special thought and care that they put into our holiday made it our best yet." - L.M.; CA USA


    Would you like more information, or to have us create a tailored trip for you? We would be glad to begin the design process for your ultimate experience in the Alps. 

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